Anna Scarpati Nada Net Cooler Rug

The Anna Scarpati Nada Net Cooler Rugs are all hand made to your order.




Anna Scarpati Nada Net Rug
The Anna Scarpati Nada Net Cooler Rug are hand made to order in Italy to the colours you desire. There is a huge range of piping and binding colour to choose from with the choice to add crystals too! This smart Anna Scarpati Net Cooler Rug is made of high quality voluminous netting and has undergone an anti-pilling process to prolong the material. The rug also has a waffle front for extra comfort around the shoulder area.

Available in XS (120cm), S (130cm), M (140cm), L (150cm) & XL (160cm)

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Matching riding apparel is available separately, please contact us for more details.


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