Cavalleria Toscana Child’s Elastic Belt- Grey

The Cavalleria Toscana Unisex Elasticated Belt are elasticated and are perfect for competition breeches or jeans.


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Cavalleria Toscana Child’s Elastic Belt
The Cavalleria Toscana Child’s Elastic Belt are elasticated and are perfect for competition breeches or jeans.

Available in Grey


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Cavalleria Toscana is an Italian brand, which prides upon style and functionality. They use high quality technical fabrics, so their products provide great comfort. Their collection comprises of elegant designs for women, men and children. We stock the Cavalleria Toscana Competition jackets, Competition shirts and breeches.  

Cavalleria Toscana was founded in 2008 with the ambition to introduce elegant sportswear in to the equestrian clothing market. Having this ambition, has allowed the brand to grow and flourish, making them the most elegant brand within the equestrian market. Throughout the years of producing, they have continued to gain more understanding of the rider’s needs and desires to enable the brand to refine their products to support the performance of the rider. The brand is now represent by some of the best riders in the world, including Scott Brash, Marcus Ehning, Lorenzo De Luca, Patrik Kittel, Cathrine Dufour, Steffen Peter and more. 

We have a section of beautiful Cavalleria Toscana Competition Jackets, which are a must have for all riders. The Competition Shirts and breeches are smart addition to any competition outfit.

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