Tech Milan Spurs – interchangeable ends

Tech Stirrups SpursTech Stirrups Spurs

The Tech Milan Spurs have 3 interchangeable ends making them a must have for all riders




Tech Stirrup Spurs
Tech Stirrups Spurs are made of aluminium, but are notably lightweight making them easy to use due to allowing the foot freedom to move. When made in Italy, they endure an anodic-oxidation process to preserve their aesthetic quality and to retain their colour. The Tech Stirrups Spurs have 3 interchangeable ends which can be easily changed with an alan key enabling you to choose which end is suited to your horse for at home or competition. All 3 ends and the alan key are included with the spurs. Theses spurs are a great addition to any rider’s kit due to their versatility. Make sure to match your spurs with any of the Tech Stirrups range!

Available colours: Rose Gold, Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Brown, Titanium and Pink.

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How to exchange #techstirrups 3 in 1 spurs with interchangeable tips. Lightweight, strong and also in different colours. Video courtesy of Ocean Easy Stables#milanspurs #florencespurs

Posted by Tech Stirrups on Monday, 30 January 2017


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