Tech Venice Sloped Safety Stirrups

Tech Venice Sloped Safety StirrupsTech Venice Sloped Safety Stirrups

The Tech Venice Sloped stirrups have the same release mechanism as the original Venice, but with the brilliant tilted tread which can be found on the Tech Venice Light, Tech Athena and Tech Iris! 




Tech Venice Sloped Safety Stirrups:
The brilliant new Tech Venice Sloped Safety Stirrups have the same release mechanism as the original Venice, which facilitates an opening that releases the foot quickly in a fall. After the foot has fallen from the stirrup, the opening will automatically close and return to its original position. This is due to the spring which can be found situated with the releasing arm. The magnetic arm has the spring joining it to the rest of the stirrup and as a result will keep the arm closed during work and will therefore open when a weight load is placed on the arm.

Tech Venice Sloped Safety Stirrups Tread:
The tread on all the Tech Stirrups have been designed with sharp angled pyramids to provide the perfect grip when riding. The treads are easy to clean as this design prevents the build up of mud and water. The treads can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The tread of the Tech Venice Sloped are tilted by 3 degrees to provide improved comfort for all riders. The tilt releases any tension on the ankle and leg which can occur when riding. The tilt can also improve rider foot and leg position which can improve the rider’s overall position in the saddle.

All Tech Stirrups designs are patented and are entirely produced in Italy. They are made of aluminium billet and fitted with stainless steel blocked screws. They are treated with a 20 micron anodization to preserve the quality and colour of the stirrups. All Tech Stirrups can be used on ordinary stirrup leathers. No special leathers are needed.

Main Features:
Weight: 520g;
Tread size: 125 mm long x 65 mm wide (4 – 3/4”).
Tilt: 3°

They can be used in British Eventing, British Show Jumping, British Dressage.

Available in NEW ROSE Gold, red, gold, blue, black, silver, pink, bronze and titanium with either a silver or black body.

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